A Tour of the Champlain Heights

The Champlain Heights is a planned community. People and people’s needs were the focus of the urban designers who envisioned this area. Special attention was made to building a community within a healthy environment, and this is why parks and green spaces abound.


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Amenities in the Champlain Heights:




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A  Piece of Champlain Heights History

A letter from former Vancouver Mayor Jack Volrich

Vancouver Saved the Best for Last

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A warm welcome to the village of Champlain Heights, the last major part of Vancouver still available for residential development.

Sometimes being last has its advantages. For one thing, this quiet corner of the city is just slightly sunnier and slightly drier than any other place in Vancouver.

More importantly, though, we started here with a clean slate. So Champlain Heights offered a rare opportunity to create something different, something better than just another "development".

And we're taking every advantage of that opportunity. This is Vancouver's first community to be completely planned by a group which includes architects, planners, civic officials, and above all, concerned area residents.

We're still working as a team to build a new kind of  community: an environment for people.

Champlain Heights may be your last chance to enjoy a new home in a new community in the city of Vancouver.

It also may be your most exciting chance.

Jack Volrich

Mayor, City of Vancouver

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