The Advantages of Listing Your Champlain Property with James



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The INTERNET - The broadest possible exposure with, and

When 72% of Canadians say they will use the internet in their next purchase, it’s absolutely essential to have a strong web presence. The Real Estate web sites and receive tens of thousands unique visitors each day.

I advertise each and every property with a virtual tour of photos and a description that promotes the specific attributes of your home.                                                                                   

If you’ve ever driven through the Champlain Heights, you will have seen my signs advertising this area-specific website, This site is designed to promote your property and to inform, and attract, people to our wonderful neighborhood. Check out some of the Active Listings and see how well your listing will display on this site. 

When you select me as your REALTOR you get the power of the Multiple Listing Service behind you. Your property will be advertised to the 10,000+/- Agents currently operating in the Greater Vancouver area. 

The Champlain News

Now in it’s 18th year of circulation, my own Real Estate newsletter, The Champlain News, advertises your property to 1320 households monthly in the Champlain Heights! The hundreds of calls I receive yearly from Buyers is just one more way I effectively promote your property in this neighborhood.

Keep reading to learn about the advantages of having a professional negotiator on your side, or contact me now if you have questions about selling your Champlain Heights home. 


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